Meeting the Prints of Persia

Since discovering the (now-defunct) hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Better Living Pque called “Little Tehran” back in 2003, I’ve fallen in love with Persian cuisine. Back then, I was totally hooked on their luscious Lamb Biryani. Their version for me is unparalleled till this day. They served a generous mound of saffron-flavored basmati rice (good for 2!) covering the huge oh-so-tender lamb cuts, served with savory lamb broth soup with bits of fat floating on the glistening, oily surface, and a bowl of Persian salad with chopped fresh veggies and hits of lime and olive oil dressing.  I always had this dish with sweet yoghurt lassi shake on the side.

My love for Persian cuisine opened unusual doors for me.  (Oh did I mention that my name “REZZA” is actually a male Persian name??) In 2011,  I decided to finally get myself an orthodontist and have my braces.  I met the gorgeous half-Persian, half-Pinay Dra. Shideh Nikbin of Fashion Smile Dental Spa and Clinic through PSI, and she and her partner, Dra. Far Shamsi are young, modern and highly-qualified dentists who are passionate about their profession!  Because of this, I entrusted my pearly whites (well, I have yet to undergo teeth whitening after my braces are out), and I got myself my ceramics! Months later, I was thrilled when they told me that they were opening a spa within their clinic facility.  The idea was so new, but it made sense to open a place to provide relaxation and comfort to the clients who are waiting, or had just finished their dental appointment! In June 2012, ARAMESH Spa & Wellness was born!

Aramesh Spa and Wellness – Beauty in Serenity

I was invited to try their Aramesh Signature Massage.  Before my session, I was served Persian tea.  This is served complimentary to all their guests/patients (upon request). As with all things exquisite, everything they used were from Persia (now known as Iran).  The teaset was intricate, and made with iron gently cladding the glass cup.  But what really  caught my attention was the sugar cones! Literally, they were tiny white cone-shaped thingies.  I made the mistake of popping one right into my teacup. Dra. Shideh laughed and said that was not the Persian way of drinking tea!  So I tried it all over again.  It should be this way: 1.  Place a sugar coneon your tongue.

2.  Slowly sip the hot tea (make sure its not too hot!), and allow the tea to slowly melt the sugar cone.

3.  Savor the melding of flavors of both the tea, the cardamom-infused sugar.  Awesomely delish!!

After that tea-drinking experience, I sooo loved the sugarcones that I wanted to order for myself, hahaha!

Watch out for my next entry about their Signature Massage! 😀

Live abundantly and love unconditionally!