Pay it forward, or pay me back?

Tari, a Junior Planner from O&M Indonesia,  and my workshop partner here at the Youth Marketing Forum in Rasa Sentosa, got a pleasant surprise yesterday when she took Bus 65 from Winsland, here in Singapore. 

She didn’t have EZLink or loose change, but had a whole SGD2.00 bill with her and attempted to pay him with it.  She was almost shocked when the bus driver offered to let her ride for FREE, on the condition that on the next time they see each other, she owes him double the bus fare.

Was that sweet, or sneaky?

He was obviously Malay as well, as later on, he struck up a friendly chat with Tari.

I think that it was a really friendly gesture.  Being in a foreign land does that to people of the same background, when you’re looking for a familiar face, a familiar feeling… or just missing your real home.

I’d do the same, when I’ m another  country.  I’d pay it forward, and not necessarily ask for payback.

But if the guy’s ABSOLUTELY cute, maybe I’d ask him out for kopi-roti.  Hahaha.