The Starshooter’s Code of Ethics

I commit to something bigger than myself.
I commit 100% to a world that works.
I take full responsibility for whatever I create in my life.
I live a life of excellence where commitment, not circumstance, dictates the outcome.
I overcome my obstacles and make my life work 100%.
I move forward with character and courage.
I WIN as a TEAM Player.

I finally declared my ‘Star Word’ to the world!

Finally, I ‘owned’ the word which hit me almost 5 months back.

During our PSI Starshooters Batch 82 – 1st Intensive last April 16, I excitedly and boldly declared my Star Word.

I am Rezza “SKYROCKET!” Custodio!

For the next 90 days, I am committing myself to hit my goals. ย Watch me soar!!

My life, my successes, my finances will continuously SKYROCKET starting this 2011! Photocredits: