What’s wrong with CREDIT CARDS?

Credit cards become WRONG when the one owning/handling the card mismanages his/her spending habits 🙂

Because the unasked questions have to be asked.


if you were applying for a job and the interviewer ask you this, "bakit bilog ang mundo?", whats gonna be your answer?

Because God created all the planets to be more or less, round. The Earth is no exception 🙂 Have you seen Green Lantern?

Because the unasked questions have to be asked.

The Starshooter’s Code of Ethics

I commit to something bigger than myself.
I commit 100% to a world that works.
I take full responsibility for whatever I create in my life.
I live a life of excellence where commitment, not circumstance, dictates the outcome.
I overcome my obstacles and make my life work 100%.
I move forward with character and courage.
I WIN as a TEAM Player.

I finally declared my ‘Star Word’ to the world!

Finally, I ‘owned’ the word which hit me almost 5 months back.

During our PSI Starshooters Batch 82 – 1st Intensive last April 16, I excitedly and boldly declared my Star Word.

I am Rezza “SKYROCKET!” Custodio!

For the next 90 days, I am committing myself to hit my goals.  Watch me soar!!

My life, my successes, my finances will continuously SKYROCKET starting this 2011! Photocredits: http://www.kpconnection.com