Because I faced my fear, now I am free!

‎”Expose yourself to your deepest fear;

After that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes.

You are free.”

– Jim Morrison

After several months of praying, discerning, equipping myself through seminars, researching and opening up myself to the Universe by repeatedly declaring my goals and desires, I finally conquered the fears that have held me back!  To think is to create, and to act is to achieve.

So I acted and took that leap of faith.

Starting Aug. 22, 2011 I will be free from corporate life and will embark on businesses that will bring me closer to what I really want:  Financial freedom through passive income, travel (not constrained to a finite number of Vacation Leaves), expand my boundaries through further education, cooking, and serving others by being a Trainor and life coach 🙂

Time for this eagle to fly and experience a whole new world 🙂

Breaking free from the chains of my mind!


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