His Love Never Fails to Amaze Me

I woke up to a missed call today, and couldn’t go back to sleep. Hundreds of questions came rushing in my mind, filling it with so much doubt and negativity. Decided to jump off my warm, comfy bed and turn to my laptop.

My mail failed fully syncing since neighbor’s free wifi got turned off in the middle of the night (what a leecher, LOL). As I tried figuring out how far the RSS got into, my mouse went over an entry, and I *clicked*.

It opened to a *different* mail entry. But oh gawd, the message aiming straight at my heart, jolting my core.

February 16, 2011

Dear Rezza,

The inner world will always control the outer world. Don’t be afraid of storms around you. It’s the storms inside you that can destroy you. The stress. The tension. The worry.

P.S. Surrender all that to me, Rezza.

I paused. Re-read. Paused again to let it all sink in.

“Surrender”… haven’t done that in a long time since I learned to ‘take charge of my life.’ But didn’t I also learn that the Mastermind is also the source and giver of all blessings, and that I am but a steward given an assignment? Didn’t I already know that I needed to be stretched and challenged in order to grow? Didn’t I manifest thoughts in my heart that were kept secret, yet kept me struggling with so much unrest the past 5 months?

Wasn’t my life’s purpose already made CRYSTAL CLEAR to me?

I just HAD to click the next entry. Stubborn girl.

February 15, 2011

Dear Rezza,

Sometimes, I will lead you into a storm. Because storms are good. Storms shake you. And shaking is good. Shaking takes away your pride. Shaking takes away your complacency.

Hold on,
P.S. Rezza, shaking forces you to grow. And I want you to grow.

Shaking. Stretching. Growing. That’s what He was doing to me. Then I resisted… stopping the growth. Whatever the results will be, I know it was all within my control.

And whatever it is, it will merely position me for THAT thing that I know I’m meant to do. The word that was instantly ingrained into my subconscious the moment I heard the words come of out T. Harv Eker’s lips last November 2010:  SKYROCKET.

Thank You Lord, for this epiphany. You are truly, wonderfully AMAZING.


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