Unlimited thinking?

Given the deluge of “unlimited” offers being given by the telcos today, I realized that the unli mentality should also be my way of life. What we achieve can be made possible (or impossible) according to the limitless or limited way we think. And who stops us from being great? Our own mind.

“The only limits on what you can accomplish are the limits you place on your own imagination.” – Brian Tracy


One thought on “Unlimited thinking?

  1. I was blown with this entry. I just watched “LIMITLESS” the movie last weekend, about this guy whose brain potential literally shot up to 100% after taking this ‘magic pill.’ The movie gave glimpses on how a person can achieve, and incredible transform his/her own life when he reaches his full brain power. IMO however, I found the manifestations ironically quite limited 🙂 Still a good movie to be entertained.

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