The PUSH – on Eagle’s Wings

“The Push.
Sometimes we need it.
Sometimes we need to give it.
It can be the greatest GIFT you ever give.

It will change a life FOREVER.”

From the video Even Eagles Need a Push by David McNally

You and I were each born with a purpose.

Like the eagle, for each of us to realize what that purpose is, we must:

  1. Get out of  our nest, our comfort zone.
  2. Be brought to the edge.  We never know our true limits unless we bring ourselves to the breaking point.
  3. Spread our wings, no matter how ‘imperfect’ they may seem.  Stop thinking like someone wearing mental chains. Start breaking free from the mediocrity and drudgery of a humdrum life.
  4. Take flight.  We are creatures created  free: We’re free to soar, free to roam, free to breathe in new life.  Let the wind carry you and bring you places.
  5. Think:  What is the source of your wind. WHO is your wind?

How does it all start?  With the realization that you and I both need the PUSH.

This is why I’ve decided, despite the ‘chains’, to take Heroic XXXI.  Because I want to soar on eagle’s wings and embrace a life-changing breakthrough in my life.

How about you?


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