Re-audit in Basic 238

I didn’t expect to briefly sit in as a re-audit for PSI Basic 238.

In the 1 hour that I sat inside, I took some notes, and it suddenly hit me.

I’ve been the classic example of one who would always tell my ‘victim’ stories to people.  About my sad love life, my finances, my mom…

And then Greg Forbes reminded me today that I can be “Response-able” to whatever circumstances I have in life.  I don’t need to languish in the pit that will hold me captive in my sob stories.  I have a choice to see my role in whatever stories happen in my life, and I have a choice whether to see myself as a victim of circumstance, or a creator of a more positive, progressive life.

So it hit me. My strong calling is to be an evangelizer, to help other people lead better lives.  And another form of evangelization (aside from physically proclaiming/speaking), is through writing… and writing on the internet.

I can start a blog that revolves around the principles taught by PSI.  This isn’t translating all the lectures and putting it into an online journal… but its about applying all that I’ve learned into MY OWN life, and sharing those personal notes and thoughts in my blog.

That moment tonight was such an eye-opener for me, and it has gotten me inspired again after the heartbreak that I’ve been going through this past week.

So what title should I give my blog?  “To Think is to Create!”  or  “Don’t Be a Victim!”

I’ll be re-auditing again over the weekend, and will continue to derive inspiration by listening and creating.  I am positive!!! 😀


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