Am I up for the challenge?

I was reviewing the 21-Day Gratitude Challenge and was deliberating whether to use this blog to document the 21 blog entries that formed part of the challenge.

As I scanned through the site, I paused.

Something struck me, and I realized that despite the seemingly ‘simple’ task of doing the challenge, I am not who takes these things lightly just ‘for the heck of doing it’.

I’m not ready to take it.

I’ve started on a 365-day daily gratitude journal since January 1.  My handwritten journal carries a daily list of the  good things I experienced or realized that day.  Just that, a simple list, averaging 8-10 entries per day, per page.

But the Gratitude Challenge is not all like that.  It digs deeper at the heart of one who really knows what it means to be truly THANKFUL.

And tonight, the truth spoke out:  I’m not ready.

One thing’s for sure, though.  I’m grateful for the grace of  humility and courage to admitting that truth.  Eep.


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